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Everyone has a creation story, a time when they rose out of the darkness into the light. no matter how many times you re-create yourself there are always pieces left behind leaving you incomplete. It's time to sing them back and be made whole, it's time for the path of the jaguar the path of ix (eesh)



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While the Path of Ix is the path of the Jaguar there are many more spirit Animals that can help you on the journey. each one has its own special medicine that can help you on the way. excited to learn more?


About Me

My name is Marita, One Who Catches Lightning and Walks in Truth,


My Path of IX to own my shadow has offered me countless opportunities of journey, discovery, and challenge. 


I am a formally trained fine artist and filmmaker, a singer-songwriter who has released multiple albums, a published poet, a motivational speaker, metaphysical healer with training in multiple modalities, a guide and mentor to people of all ages and backgrounds, a teacher with years of unique original curriculum, and of course always a student, learner and seeker.

My lineage is Zapotec and my metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec and Hopi traditions, working with Ascended Masters, past life regression, clearing and working with energy centers (chakras), ancestral healing, working with crystals and plant medicines, mediumship, clearing and protection of places/spaces, spiritual contracts, inner child work, and working with various decks of cards. I have worked with individuals and groups, held collaborative workshops, created recurring facebook lives watched by thousands of people, and moved and touched countless others in my work and through my travels. I also grew up within the Ecumenical Charismatic Movement (worth a google search), which included practices from both Christian and Jewish Mysticism, being taught healing with energy, psychic perception including clairvoyance and clairaudience, preaching and leadership, and daily devotional practices to spirit.


I've been fortunate enough to complete two degrees, film documentaries in Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana, complete a 1 year artist in residency at the Ann Arbor 16 mm Film Festival, hold a 2 yr residency as a poet and artist with In-Side Out (an organization brining poetry and writing to inner city Detroit), design and paint large-scale public murals, row Crew for the University of Michigan - one of the top performing athletic schools in the nation, record music with world famous musicians, travel and work in many countries around the world, lead rooms of over 500 people in trainings and workshops, and inspire even the most timid to sing and dance in front of an audience (and love doing it).


My path has also led me through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, bullying, racism, immigration and loss of belonging, serious injuries and multiple surgeries, eating disorders, substance use disorders, panic attacks, depression, gender and sexuality constraints, oppression, suicide attempts, divorce, heartbreak, feelings of never being enough, and significant death and loss of loved ones.

Today I am in an incredibly powerful and clear place, walking with my shadow beside me, with the intimacy and inner sense of calm that I have always longed for.


However, it has not always been this way. 


Between 2008 and 2011 I lost my dream job after two on-the-job injuries that stopped my career dead in its tracks. I was in two car accidents, had three surgeries, was self-medicating with alcohol, and was also nearly institutionalized by a loved one, against my will and against the advice of my own doctors. In 2011, I was in the midst of an ugly divorce at the end of a severely abusive relationship that nearly broke me, physically, spiritually, and financially. Every day I carried a sense of dread that at any moment I might be erased, and cease to exist completely, as though my abusers had god-like powers to snap their fingers and erase me from the universe, and it terrified me. In the midst of these overwhelming feelings of dread, uncertain about whether I had a future, I traveled to Australia and had a session with a powerful healer and art therapist. In that session I was shown how my demons (literal and metaphorical) were clinging to me and dragging me down, crippling me, and in that very moment something began to shift.


That moment was the first step in a radical shift in all areas of my life. I began to work and train anew with dedication to unearthing and owning my shadow, and exploring all the ways that spirit can lift and connect us all as people. Because of the help I received, and the choice I made to continue my journey and pursue and develop my gifts, today I am not drowning in dread every day; instead I feel more myself than ever before, and am living for me instead of anyone else's idea of who I should be. Rather than panic attacks, suicidality, and persistent fear and hopelessness, now I drink less alcohol, eat healthier, exercise in ways that are kind to my body (rather than punishing), travel more, feel safe and happy in my home, and am experiencing the most rewarding, playful, and intimate relationship of my entire life.


Shame no longer rules my life, and because of that I have been able to succeed in my business and personal life at a degree that I wasn't capable of before. 


I have walked paths others built for me, told me I should be on, and also the paths that I found for myself; in every step on every path I have found the way to parts of myself. The Path of IX has continually shown me to not abandon myself, to seek help, to find support and to always have compassion. Is my journey done? No, everyday I have to "let my jaguar down the tree", practice embracing it all, be grateful, be in the moment, and keep walking. I feel blessed and inspired as I witness and support others on their own Paths of IX, singing all the parts of themselves together into harmony, so that they too can find the peace and happiness of being alive.  



Naomi White, Blue Door Massage

  • I experienced a session shortly before getting married. Marita sussed out and helped clear old relationship junk so I could enter my marriage with a heart that was 100% open and ready. Her razor-like intuition and ability to be intensely present to me were profoundly healing and a tremendous gift.

Maritza Moreno, Sacred Woman Medicine

  • I’ve been working with Marita the last few months. And she has been amazing. As a Healer myself I am really mindful who I work with. She goes straight to the core and really listens to you and what you are needing to journey through what is coming up. Her connection to spirit is clear and sharp! And the information she receives just floors me sometimes. It’s help me become clearer, connect to my intuition and abilities with more trust and insight. But also the healing one receives is amazing. The clarity I have received and changes in my life have greatly assisted me and brought healing to my life. I am so grateful!

Rissa IsaaMarissa

Marita is very cool, calm, collected and straight to the point! She has an innate gift of collective connection and willing to share it for the highest good. I experienced a clearing from her that I told many people about and will continue to share my experiences. Her gift is not one to be locked up, she IS the real deal, from past lives & spirit guides to energy regarding physical, emotional and spiritual and inner child. I would recommend her every time! Thank YOU for your service!


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