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 Ik' 3 Breath Practice


 Ik' 3 Breath Practice

Welcome to The Ik’ 3 Breath Practice by the Path of IX

We are in a time when new medicines are being woven from old ways, to address the needs of this time and this place

To unlearn our participation in systems of dominance, we must address the ways our internal world replicates these same systems. 

Ik’ is the breathing practice of recognizing the intelligences of all our different parts, learning to live in balance with ourselves so we live in balance as a whole.


The needs of coexistence on this planet have changed radically, and as more and more people return to seeking traditional indigenous ways of knowledge, people are coming into circles carrying deeper and deeper internalized colonization. Different medicine is needed to return to conscious coexistence. And different types of breathwork is needed, understanding that we are all a part of a bigger body, and the highest purpose is not only the success of an individual, but the weaving of that individual into the whole, the vast and incredible web of existence we are all hanging on as tiny stars of light.

In the Mayan tradition, Ik' is the Breath, the Air, the Spirit. The symbol of Ik’ is drawn as a T, representing a doorway into the spirit world and other dimensions. The T forms half of a cross (the World Tree) and the other half lies in the spirit world. Many of the Mayan temples have windows and doorways in the shape of a T. They are not only physical doorways but are also spiritual doorways (a portal into the spirit world).

"Just as air is exchanged in the lungs, so our consciousness exchanges thoughts, ideas and experiences with the spirits by going through the zero point. Through the breath, we can gain a clearer perspective of reality, create a state of serenity and peace and journey through the corridor of our consciousness." -Angelfire

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Ik 3 Breath Practice

The Mayan Astrology Sign Ik' is about ideas and change. It represents the wind, lightning, storms, and the renewal of life. It is the space inside your body. It makes energy come alive. It is both the crystal clearness of glass and the windows in Mayan temples.

Ik' purifies the body, mind and spirit. It is the air we breathe and the words we speak. It is the space between the earth and the sky – the air around us, between us, and within us.


IK': Indigenous Breath work for Radical Self Love

Practicing Liberating Connection

Most of the newest popular breathwork programs are reinforcing the ultimate good & goal as personal INDIVIDUAL success, success in a system that is slowly killing humans and all the living beings that we co-exist with on this earth. 


You succeed, and then we still all die. 


They are taught by people who are only operating a tiny bit outside of the paradigm of consumerist colonized culture, if at all. Most are not indigenous, nor have they been trained or sanctioned by indigenous people, whom the practices have been taken or adapted from. The practices have been stripped of color, taste, and confrontation. 


Which means the breakthroughs are extremely limited. They are finite, and they fit within the box of western capitalist imagination.

A lot of transformational teachings (including breathwork) reinforce the lie that everything should be easy, and that if you don’t feel good then you’re not a good person. If you don’t have everything that you want, then you’re not a good person. 

The need to perform, and be good enough, and successful (even at the workshop and BREATH itself) and to have INSTANT, easily measurable ‘transformative results” is still a program that needs to be faced & spoken about. Most people who go to a workshop and don’t feel they’ve had a high intensity transformative experience right there and then, they’re not going to come back. 

That group high is leveraged by so many facilitators doing this work.

This is ALL part of the same programming. 


To enter into an indigenous space is an immediate step into a cultural way of being that at ITS CORE is DIFFERENT, and one of the most prevalent differences is that these spaces ARE NOT HUMAN CENTRIC. 

You are stepping into a circle where you are no longer the center.

You are stepping into a circle where the same measures of success do not apply. 

You are stepping into a circle that was not designed to get you high on the energy of avoiding the complexity and pain that accompanies the joy and connection of existing in a human body. 


The measures of success in these circles do not feed the dominant program.

They feed a different hunger, and they fill with different nourishment. 


The Ik’ Three Breath Practice comes to us at a time when the world is in crisis, a time of war and dismantling of systems. This is an evolution and weaving of multiple practices, which have had to change to deal with the accelerating speed and consumption of the western world. Indigenous traditions are living traditions that change, not systems of culture frozen in time and space like a photograph.

We are devouring ourselves, faster and faster. 

The medicine has had to change.


Developed by One Who Catches Lightning with permission from the Moonwalker elders (who now use a version of this technique as well) we bring this woven imagery of breath, connection, self love (of all beings), sovereignty, and liberation (acceptance) to you as a tool for personal use.


These sessions go beyond teaching you breathwork techniques. They include history and culture, and are woven with ancient rituals and ceremonies of liberation. 

Held by the medicina of cacao, we will be supported on this journey.

Grief to Freedom


+ IK' Circles 
+ IK' Breath Work Ceremony
+ IK' Three Breath Academy

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Ik' Three Breath ACADEMY

We have been training people in the Three Breath Practice since 2020 as part of our Full Jaguar Circle training and since 2021 in our Cacao Facilitator trainings. Now we are offering it as its own breathwork training, with facets woven from both our Jaguar and Cacao circles, as well as new material to support the depth of this practice.


When you enter into the circle of The Path of IX you are walking an older way. While we have adapted many things to new technology, language, and finding new ways to reach the greater whole there are some ways that we continue to keep traditional. 

We do not offer certification... I've been trained 40+ years and do not have a wall of certificates available for you to see who and how I have trained. It's just not the way. Instead we have levels of what we call carrier(ship)

Stewardship (Level 1)

Learn and Share Basic 3 breath practice 

Guardianship (Level 2) :

IK' T breath counting practice + Cacao : Currently only offered online

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