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In the Mayan tradition, “I’k'” is the Breath, the Air, the Spirit. The symbol of “I’k” is drawn as a T, representing a doorway into the spirit world and other dimensions.The T forms half of a cross (the World Tree) and the other half lies in the spiritworld. Many of the Mayan temples have windows and doorways in the shape of aT. They are not only physical doorways but are also spiritual doorways (a portal into the spirit world).

Just as air is exchanged in the lungs, so our consciousness exchanges thoughts, ideas and experiences with the spirits by going through the zero point. Through the breath, we can gain a clearer perspective of reality, create a state of serenity and peace and journey through the corridor of our consciousness.



The Mayan Astrology Sign Ik' is about ideas and change. It represents the wind, lightning, storms, and the renewal of life. It is the space inside your body. It makes energy come alive. It is both the crystal clearness of glass and the windows in Mayan temples.

Ik' purifies the body, mind and spirit. It is the air we breathe and the words we speak. It is the space between the earth and the sky – the air around us, between us, and within us.

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When you enter into the circle of The Path of IX you are walking an older way. While we have adapted many things to new technology, language, and finding new ways to reach the greater whole there are some ways that we continue to keep traditional. 

We do not offer certification... Iv'e been trained 40 plus years and do not have a wall of certificates available for you to see who and how I have trained. It's just not the way. Instead we have levels of what we call carrier (ship) these include:



Carrier of Knowledge *

Bearer of Knowledge *

Mastery *

This relates to each and every matter or medicine that is taught at the Path ofIX and is true to IK’ 3 breath practice. 


This is the first step in learning for personal use only. 

* A 2-3 hour class online via zoom or live w Cacao Offering as support

  • January 8, 2022

  • June 4, 2022

  • September TBD