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planting the seed of desire


  • INTRO TO Agenda Clearing : Ancient Warrior technique

  • connect to your deepest desires

  • Learning how to create from the void

  • Create a path to cohesiveness with ik' the 3 breath practice

YOU ARE READY TO UNEARTH your deepest desires!!

  • You DESIRE guidance to weave together your dreams and learn new practices to help support make them a reality...

  • You DESIRE help to be human, to forget programming, and re-learn why you are here in this form at this time...

  • You DESIRE a space to come to a knowing and intimate connection with spirit and guides who can support you reach your highest potential...

CLASS 1 : Coming Out from the Dark

Many seeds germinate in the dark. Do you know how to harness the transformative power of silence and darkness? Do you know how to emerge and grow in a new way? (Spider Medicine)

CLASS 2: Alignment & Integration:

Learning to connect and integrate the different aspects of ourselves (our mind, body, and soul) in service to achieving our desires. (Jaguar Medicine)

Class 3 : Purpose & Path 

Deepen & clarify your connection to your integrated purpose. Learn how to create a path that is in tune with the natural rhythms of earth, by connecting to the sacredness of the moment. (Corn Maiden Medicine)

Class 4 : Planting the Seeds

Synthesis of all the new practices you have learned, to be successful on your journey (Snake Medicine)

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