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MULUC, Offering

MULUC, Offering

Animal: Shark, Puma

Traditional color/direction: Red, East

Focus: Reconciling Karmic Debt

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 9

The struggles and challenges we survive to maintain and achieve peace and freedom are as important to honor as the peace and freedom themselves. Our karmic debts are a result of receiving grace, wisdom and humility when we did not have enough of our own.

Muluc days are highly charged with energy and can knock you off balance. Muluc days are good days to be thankful for everything you have – especially the difficult, negative and challenging parts of yourself and your life. Muluc days are good days to pay off debts, physical or karmic.

People born on muluc days are passionate, strong, idealistic and emotionally intelligent. Muluc is represented both by fire ceremony and rain, and the emotions of muluc people are both deep and fiery. The interplay of opposites fuels muluc people’s creativity and protective natures. Muluc people should be mindful of putting all their energy and attention on others at the detriment of their own wellbeing.

Meditation: I am the sacred fire, warming and enlightening. I am the sacred rain, nurturing and renewing. The balance and harmony in my life was earned through hard work and karmic debt. I honor the debt I owe and the peace I embody.

MULUC, Offering
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