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MANIK', Deer

Animal: Deer

Traditional color/direction: Black, West

Focus: Accomplishment + Power

Gemstone: Amazonite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 7

The four corners of the earth and the cardinal directions hold all in stability and harmony. Manik oversees the rainforest, the sacred cacao plant and all the four-footed one with balance, harmony and stability.

Manik or deer days are especially powerful when spent in nature. Deer days are for harmony in the relationship between humans and nature. Ask for protection, harmony, healing and strength to handle the difficulties of our lives on these days.

People born on deer days are strong – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. They are agile, elegant, artistic and have excellent ethics. Deer people are likely to be respected role models and their strong intuition can border on precognition. Deer people are able to endure great hardships better than others and would do well to remember to care for themselves even when ‘they’re fine’. Deer people seek and require peace and should make sure to find quiet regularly.

Meditation: I call upon the four corners, the cardinal directions, the four-footed, the rainforest and the sacred cacao plant to hear and share my heart’s desire: protection for our mother earth, harmony with all beings and healing for us all.

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