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Animal: Rabbit

Traditional color/direction: Yellow, South

Focus: Fertility + Harvest

Gemstone: Hematite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 8

The corn is life, it provides sustenance for us all. The corn is white, red, yellow and black – the four colors of the day signs. As Venus rises in the east with the sun, the many-colored corn sings of the seeds it once was and the seeds it will become.

Lamat days are for planting – seeds, crops, new ideas, plans – for this is the day that all things are fertile and ripe. Lamat days are excellent days for peace, harmony, meditation, fertility and coming up with new ways of thinking. Anything conceived on a lamat day is likely to bear fruit, these are excellent days to start a business or a family.

People born on lamat days are playful, carefree and competitive. Lamat people are blessed with prosperity and abundance and make excellent parents. They love games and will challenge anyone in anything from chess to marathons. Lamat people are excellent communicators and are able to share their ideas with others easily. Lamat people need to be mindful of letting their competitive nature become too overbearing.

Meditation: White, black, yellow and red … north, west, south and east. The four colors of the directions are the four colors of the corn. The corn is a great teacher, from its humble teachings I learn the great cycle of life.

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