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KAN, Net

KAN, Net

Animal: Lizard, Spider, Alligator

Traditional color/direction: Yellow, South

Focus: Life Force

Gemstone: Dumortierite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 4

As the very universe itself was borne out of explosive light, so does human growth expand from our wisdom, passion and inner fire. Around the central fire of life orbit the aspects of experience; planting of seeds, future generations, time and the life force that creates and sustains all that we know.

Net days are good days for couples, planting and gathering resources. On net days, ask for freedom, strength and understanding. Healing ceremonies can be held on net days to help increase psychological healing.

People born on the day of the net are passionate people with a high level of sexual and creative energy. Brilliant and brave, net people are focused on making and doing. The symbolism of the net is both the bounty of the fisherman’s net and the prison of the spider’s web. Net people need freedom to express and create, they will suffer if they feel confined. However, allowed to roam, they will spend their time gathering resources for their friends and families.

Meditation: I cast my net wide, wide enough to gather the fire of the sun and bring it to my lips. I eat the fire and it lights my belly with the heat of creation. I cast my net wide, wide enough to gather enough for my tribe to flourish.

KAN, Net
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