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IX, Jaguar

Animal: Jaguar,

Traditional color/direction: North, White

Focus: Mother Nature

Gemstone: Moonstone

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 14

The seven sins – pride, ambition, envy, lying, crime, ingratitude and ignorance through laziness are eaten by the jaguar and transformed into humility, cooperation, kindness, truth, justice, gratitude and wisdom.

The Maya would set up altars on ix days to create a space for prayer and meditation. Ix days are good days to tap into your intuition, expand finances and honor the work of women. If your life allows, spend ix days in meditation and contemplation of nature.

People born on ix days are magical, intuitive, psychic and spiritual. Natural shamans, ix people seem to be brimming with life and are always ready to start a new adventure. Quick witted, intelligent and strong ix people are happiest when they are near mountains and plains. Ix people have a tendency to keep important things to themselves which can make them feel isolated and unseen. Ix people would do well to share with their close circle to avoid feeling isolated and depressed.

Meditation: I am a hungry jaguar, I roam the jungle seeking negative energies. I eat sins, angers, hurts and injustices and I transform them into building blocks of life. I am the magic and the magician.

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