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IMIX, Crocodile

Animal: Whale, Dolphin, Sea Creatures
Traditional color/direction: Red, East

Focus: New Beginnings

Gemstone: Red Jasper

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 1

In the underworld of the ocean, down in the dark an ancient crocodile carries the world on its back, connecting humanity to the earth. Imix is the sign of the crocodile, creation and the ocean.

Imix days are days to work with and near water. On Imix days appreciate water, ask for your dreams to bring wisdom rather than deception, and meditate. Imix days are fortuitous for travel by water and for making plans for the future.

Those born on Imix days often live their lives between this world and the shadow realm. Deeply magical people, Imix are intuitive, hard-working, pensive and brave. Creation, catalyst, communication, collaboration and cooperation are all aspects of the positive Imix person. Negatively focused Imix people can find themselves mired in madness, doubt and fear. Imix are deeply feeling, philosophical and creative people.

Meditation: The ocean is home to darkness and mysteries. I honor the depths, within myself and in the water. All is flow.

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