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Animal: Wolf, Fish

Traditional color/direction: White, North

Focus: Duality

Gemstone: Obsidian

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 18

There is an obsidian blade so subtle and sharp it cuts to the heart of any matter. The blade slices the duality of existence into two so that they can face each other and know their equal strength and courage.

On etznab days seek balance, for conflict is never far away on days signified by duality. Etznab days are good days for surgery, removing clutter and removing toxic relationships from your life. Ask for healing, resolution and safety.

People born on etznab days are eloquent, graceful and carefree. They are excellent friends, being both accommodating and great conversationalists. Etznab people are natural healers and seek ways to serve their communities. With eloquence can come gossip, with passion can come obsession. Etznab people should seek balance.

Meditation: I am the healing and I am the wound, and I am the knife that can cause both health and harm. I accept the great responsibility of wielding the sacred knife, I seek to use it only for healing.

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