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CAUAC, Rainstorm

Animal: Puma, Turtle

Traditional color/direction: Black, West

Focus: Divine Feminine

Gemstone: Quartz

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 19

A great rainstorm sweeps across the world, washing away regret and fear. The rainstorm is a woman, she is the woman within us all and she has already forgiven us.

Cauac days are for honoring the divine feminine in us all and for honoring all the women in our lives. On cauac days ask for cleansing, rain for your crops and abundance in your life. It is especially fortuitous to spend time in nature on cauac days, see a sunset or sunrise if you can on these days.

People born on cauac days are neat and organized. They are forever young, both in appearance and attitude. Mystical, curious, and concerned for the good of all, cauac people are natural teachers. Like the rain, they are soothing and nurturing and will often have a large circle of friends.

Meditation: I allow myself to be washed clean of any regret, fear and worry that I still carry with me. I welcome the great rainstorm to come and clear the way for new ways of being.

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