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CIMI, Death

Animal: Owl

Traditional color/direction: White, North

Focus: Rebirth

Gemstone: Carnelian

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 6

The death of one form is the birth of another, all death is transformation. I focus my mind on rebirth and welcome the knowledge my crown chakra invokes. My ancestors, my old ways of life and the guidance they give me allows me to follow my path.

Cimi or death days are good days to honor your ancestors and your own past ways of being. Ask for healing, peace and release on these days. Death days are good for resolving marital conflict and protection for travelers.

People born on death days are very patient people. They are serene, generous, strong and will always strive to make a difference. Death people are open to new ideas, respectful and altruistic towards others, and very talented at whatever they choose to do. Death people should be mindful of their powerful nature and not give in to anger and an unhealthy need for control.

Meditation: I can transform anything in my life or myself, rebirth is my nature. I welcome the death of the old ways of knowing, for their passing will make way for a better understanding of myself, my world and the whole of existence.

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