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CIB, Wisdom

Animal: Vulture, Bee, Owl

Traditional color/direction: Yellow, South

Focus: Ancestral Wisdom

Gemstone: Smoky Quartz

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 16

Our ancestors’ ancestors accumulated karma that has followed the line of inheritance down the centuries. The great vulture, guardian of ancient knowledge, guides the wise through clearing away ancestral karma and creating space for a new way.

Cib days are for honoring the millions of years of evolution that came before us, for honoring all the ancestors. On cib days, ask for forgiveness and healing, especially from our ancestors as they are listening closer on cib days.

People born on cib days are practical, realistic, good judges of character and detail oriented. Cib people are patient, kind and, of course, wise. Cib people are especially connected to their bloodlines and will often be the unofficial family historian. Luck comes easily to cib people and they tend to lead prosperous lives. Cib people need to remember that they are always worthy, low self-esteem can upset a cib person’s balance and lead to difficulties in relationships.

Meditation: My bloodline goes back to the first peoples, then further back to the first warm blooded creatures, then further still to the first cell that divided into two. My birthright is wisdom, my path is to clear karma, my purpose is to re-birth new ideas.

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