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CHUEN, Monkey

Animal: Monkey

Traditional color/direction: Blue, West

Focus: Common Ground

Gemstone: Aventurine

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 11

Chuen or B’atz’ is the weaver of the thread of life and spinner of the cords of time. Past, present and future are joined together in the great tapestry of life, and the awareness of that common ground allows for creation to be brought forth into humanity.

Chuen days are very fortuitous for artists and makers and are perfect days to create or share creations with the world. Chuen days are also the best days to ask another to marry you, for protection for your family and to start new jobs.

Chuen people are very dramatic, social creatures that love to create and be seen. They are optimistic, confident and attractive. Chuen people are meticulous in appearance and take the way they present themselves to others very seriously. Monkey people will do well to stay focused, when they become scattered they can dip into unhappiness.

Meditation: The thread of life weaves in and out of the great tapestry. Past, present and future are simply patterns in a greater motif. I create, I have created, and I will create because that is my nature and my purpose.

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