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CHICCHAN, Sky Serpent

CHICCHAN, Sky Serpent

Animal: Snake

Traditional color/direction: Red, East

Focus: Magic, Life Force

Gemstone: Amethyst

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 5

The serpent is the bringer of rain, and there were said to be four great serpents or Chiccans. These serpents formed a circle around the world and guarded the four corners.

Serpent days are days to meditate on the energy you create and how that energy is spread throughout your world. Ask for clarity, comprehension and positive energy to manifest in your life.

The serpent is one of the most powerful day signs. Serpent people are magical, intuitive and transformative. They are masters of personal evolution and tend to spark transcendence and change in the people and energies around them. Serpent people are highly spiritual, yet are also firmly grounded in work, power and justice. Serpent people tend to go through several transformations in their lives and can be accused of being shallow and shifty. Their quick evolutions make them excellent actors and public speakers.

Meditation: I am ever evolving and transforming, like a snake shedding its skin I emerge again and again as a new version of myself. I am the magician and the spell, I am the question and the answer.

CHICCHAN, Sky Serpent
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