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CABAN, Knowledge

Animal: Woodpecker, Gazelle

Traditional color/direction: Red, East

Focus: Creative Force

Gemstone: Agate

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 17

Within the earth is a force, a surging energy that reaches up and into our bodies. This force is the inner fire, the creative drive, the flow, the ish. This force invigorates the intellect, driving the desire for wisdom and furthering the quest for knowing.

Caban days are best for education, learning, understanding and counselling. Ask for creativity, wisdom, talent and the ability to have a positive perception. Clarity and intelligence come easily on cib days, they can be good for resolving conflicts.

People born on caban days have busy minds that are always working. Rational, logical and self-controlled, caban people are incredibly intelligent and innovative. Uncomfortable around people, caban people will often use humor as a way to bridge the awkwardness they often feel.

Meditation: I tap into the sacred force within the earth, it moves the subtle bodies of my being. Each chakra lights up as the energy pulses up and into my being. My mind is awake and ready, all is flow.

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