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Ashley IK', Wind

IK', Wind

Animal: Hummingbird, Bobcat, Weasel

Traditional color/direction: White, North

Focus: Breath of Life

Gemstone: Sodalite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 2

The wind brings life. With each breath new life is formed, inspiration and communication at once. The breath of life is blowing in from the north. Ik is the sign of the wind and the breath of life.

Ik days are days to give thanks for all the blessings you’ve received. Ik days are also good to seek healing for imbalances.

Those born on Ik days are born communicators and are destined to inspire people with their words. Sharing ideas comes naturally to Ik people, and they often find themselves counselling their friends and loved ones. Always thinking, Ik people are apt to overlook the present moment in favor of a new idea in their mind. Knowledgeable and able to communicate so well it borders on telepathy, the positive Ik person is sensitive, well dressed and romantic. Ik people should be mindful of becoming mercurial, distant or cold. Ik are inspirational and charismatic people.

Meditation: Winds change. I honor the changes within and without me, I know that change does not mean end. As I change, so does my world. As my world changes, so do I.

Ashley IK', Wind
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