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AKB’AL, Dawn

AKB’AL, Dawn

Animal: Bat, Fawn, Macaw

Traditional color/direction: Black, West

Focus: Dreams Come True

Gemstone: Snowflake Obsidian

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 3

Akbal, guardian of caves and earth father, was the guardian of the dawn. The sacred space when night becomes day was fertile ground in which dreams could more easily become reality.

Dawn days are good days for prayer, love, marriage and getting a job. The focus on these days is on new ideas, romantic love and understanding the mysteries of the earth. Dawn days are good days to ask for and give forgiveness.

People born on dawn days are serene but strong, and usually succeed in whatever they set out to accomplish. Living between day and night, dawn people tend to inspire feelings of security, hope and joy. Dawn people seek justice and truth and make excellent friends. Eloquent, wealthy and kind, those born on dawn days are natural leaders and collaborators.

Meditation: Dreams can come true through practice, work and passion. I will work towards the respect, relationship and purpose that I desire. I will change my world and myself with kindness, truth and love.

AKB’AL, Dawn
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