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Animal: Snail, Eagle, Human Being

Traditional color/direction: Yellow, South

Focus: The Hero’s Journey

Gemstone: Sunstone

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 20

There is a single rose that grows in the desert, in its heart is a sun that glows with the fierceness of life itself. Today is the day, the most sacred of days, it is the day of transformation and beauty.

Ahau days are for celebrating beauty, inside and out. Ahau days are favorable for honoring departed grandparents and other ancestors. Ask for wisdom, talent and physical strength on ahau days.

People born on ahau days are beautiful daydreamers. Creative, reclusive and romantic, ahau people are future focused and deeply interested in ideas. They love exquisite things; art, jewelry, music and fashion all appeal to ahau people. Ahau people are excellent hunters and, whether it be dinner or concepts, they generally find what they seek.

Meditation: I seek the rose whose heart is a sun, my journey will take me far and wide. I will know I am on the right path by the deaths of self that allow me to be reborn again and again as my true self.

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