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Galactic Tone: 9, B’elejeb’

Galactic Tone: 9, B’elejeb’

Name: Patience

Deity: God of light

Focus: patience, perseverance, completion, great cycles

Action: create forward motion

The great cycle is coming to completion again. All things that have been growing, building, accumulating are now becoming ready. Now is the time, something new is coming to life.

Nine days are magical and especially good for closing circles in your life. Nine days are good for spiritual ceremony and important rituals.

People born under a nine day are strong willed and patient. They are detail oriented and will always complete the project they are working on. Nine people tend to be well balanced even though, they can tend towards depression. Nine people can easily manifest their dreams.

Meditation: Now, after nine cycles, the great cycle is coming to an end. Now, the time of waiting is over, a new life is being born. The life is mine, I begin the next cycle of my life.

Galactic Tone: 9, B’elejeb’
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