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Galactic Tone: 8, Wajshakib’

Galactic Tone: 8, Wajshakib’

Name: Justice

Deity: God of rain

Focus: balance, justice, harmony, wholeness

Action: harmonize

The cord of time weaves into and within the threads of life, they create a vast and edgeless tapestry that reaches beyond what is and what may.

Eight days are the most wholly whole of all the days. They are for celebrations, unions, and any significant event. Eight is associated with birth and any new beginnings are fortuitous on an eight day.

People born on eight days are powerful and constantly challenging boundaries. Their lives are all about restructuring and evolving reality. New and different will always attract an eight. They invent and create the worlds we live in, physical and spiritual. Eights are very strong personalities and can do well to temper their reactions for the sake of more sensitive companions.

Galactic Tone: 8, Wajshakib’
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