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Galactic Tone: 7, Wukub’

Galactic Tone: 7, Wukub’

Name: Reflection

Deity: God of corn

Focus: seeing things both forward and backward, unity, neutrality, reflection

Action: reveal

Standing at the exact center of a life. Looking backward, time falls sweetly back to birth. Looking forward, life unfolds warmly into the tapestry of a well lived life. Here, in the very center of a life, everything extends in each direction equally.

Seven days are represented by unity, neutrality and death at once. These days are filled with every single possibility. The full spectrum of human existence can be experienced on seven days. If possible, be decisive on seven days.

People born on a seven day are solitary, strong and spiritual. They are happy contemplating the mysteries of the universe alone in nature. Stubborn and sometimes distant, sevens will question authority and control of any kind. Sevens are magical, they are truly able to understand and see multiple perspectives. If they are able to be decisive, they can harness the power of understanding and master whatever they set out to do.

Meditation: I stand at the center of a row of corn. To my back the green and black corn stands against a pale sunrise. Ahead, the red and yellow corn glows against a golden sunset. Today, I will choose well.

Galactic Tone: 7, Wukub’
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