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Galactic Tone: 6, Wakib’

Galactic Tone: 6, Wakib’

Name: Balance

Deity: God of death

Focus: responsiveness, improvement, flow, time & space

Action: create flow

The family has six pillars which uphold its integrity: health, understanding, work, friendship, possessions and positive/negative actions. When each is robust, ultimate stability is at hand.

Six days are incredibly stable and good for both beginnings and endings. Six days are good for finding your personal source and drawing power from within.

People born on six days are pragmatic and adaptable. Six people are always improving their lives and, although dramatic in nature, they are wonderful at bringing whatever they may need into their lives at the right time.

Meditation: The center of time and space is in the heart of a tree whose branches span the sky and whose roots encircle the world. The heart of the world is the family, and the heart of the family is love.

Galactic Tone: 6, Wakib’
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