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Galactic Tone: 5, Job’

Galactic Tone: 5, Job’

Name: Center

Deity: Goddess of love

Focus: intelligence, centering, gathering, fingers and toes, senses

Action: empower

See, hear, smell, taste and feel – these are your gifts to use as you grow from a child to a youth to an adult to a mature adult to an elder. Spin your experiences into memories and weave a warm blanket of stories to share.

Five days are ruled by love, they are perfect days for marriage, proposals and weddings. Five days are also ruled by intelligence and are good for any kind of mental work.

People born under the number five are intelligence, charming and full of love. They are also very persuasive and inspiring. Fives question everything and make wonderful researchers and investigators. Organization and management come naturally to fives, and they will naturally lead any project you hand them.

Meditation: I am made of love and to love I continue to return. Each of my five fingers and toes stretches out in ecstasy as I gather my power into my belly.

Galactic Tone: 5, Job’
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