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Galactic Tone: 4, Kahib’

Galactic Tone: 4, Kahib’

Name: Measure

Deity: God of warriors and the sun

Focus: structure, foundation, completion, order, stability

Action: stabilize

Four cardinal directions. Four seasons. Four elements. Four colors of the corn. Each cycle of life can be seen to follow a pattern of four stages. Plant, nurture, harvest, store seeds. Birth, learning, teaching, death.

Four days are stable and grounded. Anything done on a four day tends to be more solid, lasting and stable. Four days are good for family activities.

Four people are grounded and certain of themselves. Their inner security makes them masters of routine and planning, and they make amazing parents and partners. Four people can be very powerful, their innate balance gives them the ability to manifest any dream they may want to accomplish.

Meditation: East, west, north and south. White, yellow, black and red. Spring, summer, winter and fall. Earth, water, fire and wind. Balance and stability is found in the four corners, the four pillars and the four directions.

Galactic Tone: 4, Kahib’
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