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Galactic Tone: 2, Kieb

Galactic Tone: 2, Kieb

Name: Duality

Deity: God of earth

Focus: polarity, mystery, balance, choice, understanding

Action: create a reaction

The hero twins are asked to accomplish an impossible task, in the old world and in this. Their resourcefulness and duality help them succeed. There are two sides to everything.

Two days are attuned to the rhythms of the earth. Two days are good for weighing options, celebrating opposites and discussing important topics. If possible, avoid having to make important decisions on two days, they are ruled by duality and decision-making can be challenging under that influence.

Two people are mysterious, attractive and instinctual. They seem to be always following some inner GPS and it’s a good idea to follow them rather than try to steer them away from their path. Twos are charismatic, friendly and are wonderful partners romantically as well as in business.

Meditation: I am the light and the dark, the yes and the no. I am the darkness and mystery. I am the bright light of day and the open-hearted truth. I celebrate my duality.

Galactic Tone: 2, Kieb
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