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Galactic Tone: 13, Oxlajuj

Galactic Tone: 13, Oxlajuj

Name: Ascension

Deity: God of completion

Focus: ascension, authority, intensity, completion

Action: ultimate accomplishment

One neck, two shoulders, two elbows, two writsts, two hips, two knees and two ankles. Through these thirteen joints all the energy of life flows through the body, enabling powerful bodies and psychic minds.

Thirteen days are good for psychic and spiritual rituals, powers and focuses. Spend thirteen days in ritual, they mystery and profundity of life will speak to you on these days.

People born under the number thirteen are powerful, accomplished and very good at tying up details and loose ends. Thirteen people are highly spiritual and psychic and are generally happy and content as long as they allow these gifts to develop. Thirteen people are intense and tend to experience chaos and change regularly.

Meditation: All is change, all is in flux. I am I, here in this tearing wind. I will harness the power of all that is, I will let it flow through my body and infuse the world with magic.

Galactic Tone: 13, Oxlajuj
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