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Galactic Tone: 11, Ju’laju

Galactic Tone: 11, Ju’laju

Name: Resolution

Deity: Goddess of childbirth

Focus: integration, clarity, resolution, power, neutrality

Action: create clarity

All of time, all of reality is added up and tallied and it totals eleven. All potential is here, now. All entropy is here, now. Everything, everyone and everywhere is here, now.

Eleven days are filled with potential. They are days for hard talks, difficult tasks and challenging interactions. Eleven days are considered completely neutral, they will add no additional resonance to any task which makes them good for hard things.

People born on eleven days are excellent at removing the unnecessary, stripping the moment or project down to its essence. Elevens can be difficult partners, as they are a bit aloof and constantly reinventing themselves. Elevens are natural healers and will invite healing energy wherever they go.

Meditation: I remove everything that is unnecessary, pruning away all but the true heart of the matter. What is left is clear, resolute and powerful. I go forward in clarity.

Galactic Tone: 11, Ju’laju
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