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Galactic Tone: 10, Lajuj

Galactic Tone: 10, Lajuj

Name: Manifestation

Deity: God of darkness

Focus: manifestation, completion, cooperation

Action: challenge

Ten fingers hold the joys of life, ten fingers encircle and hold when loss is overwhelming. There are ups and downs, beginnings and ends and that is how life has been and how life will be.

Ten is also called manifestation and ten days are perfect for creating things, ideas and realities out of nothing. Ten days are good for cooperative actions, collaborations and finishing projects.

People born under ten days want to take the raw and undefined and bring it into the world. They create, often with whatever happens to be laying around. They are surprisingly responsible, but will often overstay their welcome. Fragility lies just beneath the stable exterior of tens, and they would do well to be gentle with themselves.

Meditation: I count to ten, breathing in with each odd number and out with each even one. Each count is another step towards feeling centered, whole and present. I am ready to manifest my reality.

Galactic Tone: 10, Lajuj
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