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Galactic Tone: 1, Jun

Galactic Tone: 1, Jun

Name: Unity

Deity: God of fire & time

Focus: oneness, whole, intention, beginnings, source

Action: Initiate, ignite, begin

In the beginning, when the sun and moon were not yet living in the sky, there was the corn. The corn is our beginning, our first ancestor, food for spirit and body.

One days are good for starting projects, creating and creating unity. Weddings, adoptions and reunions are all good to plan on one days. One days are perfect for

Those born with the number one are good at beginnings. They are high energy, creative and independent. Ones follow their hearts and they don’t take outside advice very well. Their convictions are strong, and they are often called to charity work. Ones are free spirits and do not like routines.

Meditation: I am the beginning, the first breath, the spark. As everything must one day end, so must everything begin. Today, the world begins anew.

Galactic Tone: 1, Jun
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