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The commanding ‘ōhi’a Kū Fern is the personification of Divine Fury, the principle of Rhythm. Just 1-5 drops of the deliciously savory Fern Essence in food, drink , or directly under the tongue and experience a shift towards true rhythm which exists within and all around!


Comes in 1 oz frosted glass vessel with dropper

  • Ōhi’a Kū (Mecodium) is a fern of intensity and whom prefers to attach itself to rocky cliffs, and preferably behind or in the vicinity of waterfalls. This fern enjoys the vibration created by the fury of the water impacting stone. Energetically masculine, ‘ōhi’a Kū is a pro-generator of movement, action, flow, and creator of results.

  • Stoic, purposeful, and incredibly vibrational, he aligns us with the sacred rhythm of this very planet.

  • The result of hydrosoled oil distillation of ‘Ōhi’a Kū Fern using sacred Wailuku River water.**

  • The hydrosoled extraction is then placed in a glass or stone bowl which sits atop a copper coiling and connected to a frequency speaker. This speaker transmits i’i Hawaiian chanting (vibrato) into the hydrosol.

  • Small amount of organic food grade alcohol added for preservation. Alcohol is made from fermented Noni fruit resourced on Maui and is gluten-free.

  • **All water resourced for the purpose of ingestion is purified via steam distillation.


A thing about FURY


Fury as the emotion is incredibly misunderstood, and many attribute FURY to violence and conflict. True FURY is all about RHYTHM and rhythmic patterns. Our very reality is determined by a sacred rhythm, and some call the genesis of this rhythm “The Big Bang.” From nothingness came the explosion of all - of matter, materials, light, sound, and possibility. From this place, all things are connected and maintained in harmony by a cord of rhythm. It is the fury of rhythm which allows us to materialize into this phenomenal world, and it is by this same rhythm which allow us to return the Source for spiritualization. It is the map, the blue-print, sacred doctrine, and the path. ALOHA!

'Ōhi'a Kū Fern Essence Edible Hydrosol (FURY/RHYTHM)

  • Each product is packaged for more than single use. To minimize pollution we try to reuse packaging material as much as possible.

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