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These classes and circles are about reclamation and remembering. How do we do this?

We work with plant medicine that has been colonized & commercialized to the point of losing its "sacredness" or "coolness factor" in the greater realm as well as in Spiritual communities; such as cacao and tobacco.
To support the circle even further we not only teach or talk about these plant medicinas we grow these medicinas and are in deep connection with : coffee, cacao, corn, tobacco and more at our farm, Cuatro Manos Y Cinco Volcanes in Hawai'i.

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LIVE classes will meet 1x month on Saturdays and be a time of teaching, questions, integration, meditation and ceremony.

PLANTING SACRED MEDICINE WORKSHOPS will also teach you how to plant in sacred ways and will include additional plants such as : rosemary, mint, and strawberries (roses). Each teach us a lesson about relationships.

Thinikific four self paced courses will give you and introduction to the four main medicinas used in Path of IX ceremonies : corn, cacao, tobacco, fern.

SIGNAL chat group will allow you to connect during the year and ask questions, build community and more.

PLANTING & PROJECTS students are encouraged to grow their own medicine, harvest and process during the year

FOOD IS MEDICINE recipes, cooking projects 

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  • INTRO TO MAYAN COSMOLOGY and how it can help you to live in balance


  • HISTORY of Maize and Cacao

  • How to build a relationship with Cacao

CLASS 1 : Intro to Mayan Cosmolgy

Redefine your relationship with time, nature and the cosmos. By decolonizing time you open yourself to new possibilities and potential. The connection with cacao and cosmology.


CLASS 2: Maize & Cacao

These two are intertwined in so many ways you can not speak of one without the other. Learn about the history and gods of Maize and Cacao. Rediscover your relationship with cacao and maize.


CLASS 3 : Your Path Your Sign, using the nahuales to chart your life

Are you on your path? Did you know you were created with certain energies to help us navigate our lives? Get in tune with your cosmic creation.


Find your sign here:


CLASS 4 : Ceremony + Calendar

Prayer as a way of life, sacredness as a way of being. How everyday relationship with cacao + mayan calendar can help us walk in a better way

CLASS 5: Living in Ceremony

CLASS 6 : Final Ceremony


Fire of Transformation


  • Claiming ourselves

  • Boundaries, interdependence

  • Tobacco and ceremony

  • Prayer ties

CLASS 1 : Leaving ourselves behind? / Fire The First Shaman.

In transformation many times we are told we need to cut cords, move on, not look back. Yet often in doing so we abandon parts of ourselves as well, and may reinforce colonized ideas of good vs bad, redemption vs punishment. Can we instead stay in the space between? 

CLASS 2: Boundaries / Tobacco and the Stone people 

How can we learn to not burn out? Fire is hungry and left alone it will consume anything, everything, and everyone. Can you identify your boundaries and know how to hold them from a place of love? Boundaries include intentions and tobacco grown in a sacred way teaches us how to stay focused on our purpose.

CLASS 3 : Interdependence/ Smoke and Wind 

Fire cannot exist on its own, and undergoes many transformations of form. How can you walk in a good way with its various forms and multiple relationships with the elements? Tobacco and its smoke represents our prayers and how they are offered.

CLASS 4 : Ceremony and Prayers /Prayer Ties

Prayer as a way of life, sacredness as a way of being. How everyday ceremony can keep our fire burning.



Cacao is a word of this beautiful new time.  

If she is crossing your path and peaking your curiosity it is because this cacao wants YOU to know HER better. 


We welcome you to join us in this introduction space, where Hawaiian cacao opens the invitation to connect with us, gifting us an understanding that by walking with cacao, we are weaving cacao into our heart. The main component of these classes is experiential. They are about sharing the story of cacao on a personal level and we supplement them with practical ways of how to be in relationship.

Includes following videos:

1. Welcome to a way of learning

2. One way to approach the plant kingdom

3. How to include the directions in a personal cacao ritual

4.Why Cacao, Why now

5. Cacao as a heart opener

6. How to walk in a good way

7. Culture of Cacao
8. Meditative cacao experience.

9. Bonus: one meditation from out 100 cups of cacao journey.

cacao on tree


The Second Class in this series delves deeper into cacao and the relationship it has with Hawai'i


Hearing the heartbeat means embracing further depth with cacao. 

Allowing yourself to receive the hand that has been extended to you and know more about what creates the heartbeat within Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes  Farms cacao and why she speaks so loudly amongst other offerings in this world.


We welcome you to continue your journey and take your place in this circle where cacao will share more about 

- why she is such a strong medicine 

- why people from all over the world are embracing her in their lives and 

- how cacao changes your perspective and life choices.

Videos include

1. Island Nations

2. Mauna Kea

3. Heartbeat of the Land

4. How this cacao can support your "island"

5. Gratitude meditation

Before entering the circles at the Path of IX, I had completed various trainings in a range of modalities, yet no course or circle that I have experienced has come close to what Marita offers in their circles. Prior to becoming an official student, I was looking for a teacher that would help me bring healing and allow me to reconnect to my ancestral roots. 

Having come from a family of immigrants I recognised the intergenerational trauma that I was carrying that was affecting many facets of the way that I was living my life. In learning to reconnect with my lineage by honouring my ancestors and grief I have been learning to honour myself. This is allowing me to learn more about myself and practice radical self-acceptance and self-love which isn’t just taking care of myself and nurturing myself but also learning to be accountable and take responsibility for myself and my choices.  

What I love about the practices and tools that Marita so generously shares with their students is that they are not just spiritual teachings that are meant to be practiced in isolation from our everyday experience. They are practices and tools that are meant to be woven into our everyday life to help us navigate our relationship with ourselves, with others and the world around us.  As I have allowed these teachings to weave into my life and become part of me, I can’t imagine going back to a way of life that was keeping me stuck. 

Whilst this journey can be testing at times, Marita’s way of teaching invites me to extend beyond the edges of my discomfort in a way that is lovingly held. By learning how to live in relationship based upon the foundations respect, accountability and reciprocity, I am learning how to be in this world, knowing that I have free will and choice to be and so do you."



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