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OC, Dog

OC, Dog

Animal: Owl, Dog, Raccoon

Traditional color/direction: North, White

Focus: Loyalty + Justice

Gemstone: Bloodstone

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 10

Every dog knows the world begins anew with every breath. They know it is possible to be fully present and open while also being curious, courageous and playful. Share your true self with generosity.

Oc days are good for resolving any difficulties that arise due to vices as well as asking for guidance on how to release them. Legal issues are easily resolved on oc days, and they are also good for ceremonies. Ask for justice on oc days, and practice loyalty.

People born under the sign of oc are loyal, dependable, curious, courageous and playful. Their natural instinct for protection and justice make them excellent leaders, judges or advisers. They need freedom to be happy, and they thrive when they have time with friends and family regularly. Oc people should be mindful of maintaining a level of maturity, their playfulness can turn into childishness without care.

Meditation: When I encounter differences, I will be curious. When I meet with injustice, I will be courageous. When I find difficulties, I will be playful.

OC, Dog
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