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MEN, Eagle

Animal: Eagle, Qetzal bird

Traditional color/direction: Black, West

Focus: Profound Understanding

Gemstone: Unakite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 15

Far above the highest peaks and pyramids flies the great eagle. From the great sky, where there is only sacred silence and the breath of winds, eagle enters our dreams and shares revelation.

Men days are powerful days, meant for asking for and appreciating material wealth. Ask for wealth and prosperity on men days and offer sincere gratitude for the prosperity you enjoy.

People born on men days are free spirits who love to explore, often alone. They are imaginative and dreamy and tend to be very successful financially. They are lucky in love and wealth and have deeply spiritual lives. Men people should be mindful of becoming bored with people or projects and focus on staying on track.

Meditation: I soar above the world, free from the bindings of must and should. I allow my spirit to speak in the silence of the skies, I receive the wisdom of the sacred winds.

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