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EB, Road

Animal: Mountain Lion, Thrush, Bobcat

Traditional color/direction: Yellow, South

Focus: Road of Life

Gemstone: Malachite

Position in the Mayan Calendar: 12

A great ladder reaches from heaven to earth, and each of us must climb that ladder rung by rung. The great journey we all must take on the road of life is our destiny, our burden and our privilege.

Eb days are the best days to start a journey of any kind. On eb days, ask for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Business contracts, communication and travel will all be effortless on eb days.

People born on eb days are very sensitive people. They are sincere, earnest and caring by nature. They spend most of their lives in a state of expanded consciousness and they love peaceful surroundings and energy around them. Eb people are happiest when they have more freedom in their schedule and would do well to work for themselves.

Meditation: As I travel the sacred path of life seeking my destiny, I will remember to live in gratitude for the great journey. I will seek self-fulfillment as I climb towards the heavens.

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