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Galactic Tone: 12, Kab’lajuj

Galactic Tone: 12, Kab’lajuj

Name: Understanding

Deity: God of the time just before dawn

Focus: understanding, retrospection, accumulation, totality

Action: comprehend

All the stars are counted and the totality of their number is twelve. Twelve is the number of accumulation, all that you have and all that you have done is collected here today.

Twelve days are for reflection on all that you have accumulated in this life. Twelve is the highest of the even numbers and its stability adds a power that can allow you to correct the course of your life as you like. Spend twelve days envisioning the changes you want in your life.

People born under the number twelve have an abundance of energy, though some of it tends to be melancholy. They are interested in change, regeneration and new beginnings. Twelve people are able to salvage the useful remains of old things and integrate them into the new. Twelves are fiercely independent.

Meditation: I will take account of my life today, focusing on what I want to change. Today, I will use the magic of the world around me and focus it into the new directions I would like my life to take.

Galactic Tone: 12, Kab’lajuj
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