THE ANCESTORS calls us...


  • To connect to the the old magic and become good stewards and partners
  • To embrace our need for relationship and to walk in balance
  • To learn about the history of behavior and heal ancestral trauma


The Elementals calls us...


  • To move from western ideas of linear time and life and death
  • To find a new flow and rhythm with which to live by one more in tune with nature
  • To learn about the how to honor and work with the elements in multiple traditions


What you put into this program you will get out of it.

Some seeds that you plant take a while to fully reach their potential, but you must continue planting no matter the result, no matter the season, no matter the soil, in order to transform.


With each step you take closer to your own truth, and to understanding the natural rhythms of our world, you will find that it becomes easier to identify your desires, and act using the power of those rhythms for more EASE.

As the different aspects of self integrate, many experience more peace, more clarity, more purpose, and more access to the natural resources the universe provides, including the power of radical self-love.


4 week THINKIFIC self paced class with LIVE ZOOM Q&A


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  • THINKIFIC class with monthly LIVE ZOOM Q&A