Depending on your previous level of study or the depth of your intentional path there is something for everyone @thepathofix mystery school. 

  • LIVING IN CEREMONY INTENSIVES : This is a series of 4 : 4 week classes over a period of 6-7 months that allow you a deep dive into many traditions surrounding a specific topic such as Ancestor Work or Cacao.  A chance to learn and build community these classes are 2 hours long and allow the space to really be held.

  • JAGUAR TREE: A 6 MONTH TO 12 MONTH PROGRAM that includes 2 of the Living ceremony intensives, 1-1 work, LIVE meetings and ceremony every month and more. This is a serious and rigorous path of shadow work with the support of the directions that requires diligence, patience and compassion. ONE MUST APPLY only limited spaces are available. 



Curious about ceremony and indigenous practices but not ready to commit to a full year of learning? This flexible drop in series allows you a deep dive into many subjects where we meet LIVE in class. Each class is held the same way : teaching, ceremony, discussion. Learn practical ways of how to apply the concepts to your everyday life. Join a growing community of people who are learning to live this way and share on our FB group. Choose one class or all, these classes are open to everyone and not subject to a rigorous application process. 






Yearly Schedule 

  • July: Planting the Seeds of Desire... more info

  • September : Feeding the Fire of Transformation....more info

  • November: Maize, Cacao & Ceremonies...more info

  • January: Reclaiming your Roots: Healing Ancestral Lineages...more info