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Galactic Tone: 3, Oxib’

Galactic Tone: 3, Oxib’

Name: Rhythm

Deity: Goddess of water and childbirth

Focus: action, artistic, movement, integrate, trinity

Action: activates

Three hearth stones were laid at the beginning of creation. The mother, father and child. The three stars in Orion’s belt.

Three days are challenging days, perhaps the most difficult of the numbers. Three days tend to be chaotic, plans never working out as intended. If you can, avoid starting new projects on three days.

People born under the number three can be restless, uncertain and frenetic unless they keep close to their source. Three people have a deep sense of rhythm and are usually wonderful dancers, drummers, runners and lovers of movement.

Meditation: Life is a dance, and I will repeat the steps with grace and rhythm. I am my self. I am my shadow self. I am my highest self.

Galactic Tone: 3, Oxib’
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