"mise en Place"

This is a term I've lived with for all my life including my years of work in the restaurant and hotel business. Mise en Place means everything in it's place. Wether your just starting out or growing your business The Path of IX can help from mindfulness practices to business and sales strategies, as well as branding and design.


Corporate Shamanism

In the corporate world I've worn many hats and names: "the fixer", "the futurist", the "shaman". Why? Because I approach business as a whole being including the people, the business numbers, and the overall system; all make up the soul of a business. I've coached, counseled and trained hundreds of people from sales and marketing teams, to entrepreneurs in my varying roles raising revenues and creating leaders. 

“Corporate Shamanism re-humanizes business, focuses on the people who use a product or services, and uses a scientific approach to achieving a visionary result.”



Corporate Shamanism, Memphis Daily News

Why Practice Mindfulness? 

Reduce stress and experience greater overall well-being.

Increase creativity and innovation.

Improve communication and collaboration skills.

Develop outstanding leadership.

Ethnography - Futurism AND TRENDS

Ethnography is the branch of anthropology that aims to understand human behavior. I was raised in this branch of inquiry since I was 4 yrs old. I would travel with my father who taught me to a combination of ethnography, urbanization, city planning, history, anthropology, and immigration. I've applied this technique and study throughout my life and it has helped me envision future trends as well as help people connect to their messaging, environment and community. My background in film, creative writing, script writing and theater give me a unique insight into the characters of your consumers and customers and how best to create the perfect stage to showcase your organization; its people and products.

Rockstar School

We've all heard the term "rockstar" in business organization but what does it really mean? I've partnered with others in my field to develop a combination of sales, mindfulness, business, relationship trainings to take you to the next level of "awe". Click below for more info: